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Kingdom Rulership is a simple read about the lessons my father taught me. Those who knew my dad witnessed his unshakable faith and profound wisdom.  He definitely had wisdom beyond his years. He was a general in the Kingdom of Yah (God) and he obsessively encouraged men and women all over the world to walk in Yah’s (God’s) purpose and power to increase their faith and exercise Kingdom Authority in the earth.  My dad believed wholeheartedly that you were important to the overall plan of The Most High.  Whether it be ministry, business or philanthropy; my father believed that everything was important to the influential expansion of Yah’s (God’s) Kingdom.   In memory of my father, I pray you enjoy this quick read and apply the lessons he left behind to enrich your life to the highest level of productivity and prosperity. 

You were never meant to be ordinary, you were meant to display the image and likeness of Yah (God) throughout the world.  Your purpose, vision and and dreams are bigger than life itself.  If you have been struggling with finding your purpose, and vision; trying to figure out who you are, your reason for existence and your direction in life, this book is for you.