Timothy V. Shockley Jr. is a Kansas City native who is a retired professional athlete, entrepreneur, author, holistic health coach and motivational speaker.  He now travels the country working with professional athletes in the areas of sports recovery and by providing strategic concussion protocol for professional athletes.  He is the innovator behind Dream Muscle Coffee and the President of an educational platform "Dream Worldwide Academy." He’s also the President of a non-profit organization “One Million Dreams” that has served thousands of families since 2012. 

Timothy is a dynamic speaker.  He speaks with passion and energy, captivating his audiences attention and inspiring them to take action on their dreams and goals. Timothy speaks from the depths of what he’s been able to overcome in his life from his struggles as a student-athlete to his successes as a professional athlete, author, entrepreneur and innovator. 

He has a passion to reach people of all walks of life inspiring them towards their goals and dreams.

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